If you’ve never ridden a quad bike you’re missing out! And if you’ve never ridden an SMC Quad, then you’re certainly missing out!

Riding our fantastic range of quad bikes brings a lot of adrenaline, fun and excitement.

Let’s take a look at the show-stopping quads that we have to offer!

SMC Hornet 100

Our most popular quad bike is the SMC Hornet 100 and it’s great for performance, overall looks and design and for ultimate off-road fun!

Features include an automatic CVT clutch, air-cooled, 2-stroke single-cylinder engine and a restrictable throttle so that your kids can have off-road fun, without any serious accidents caused!

SMC Scout 90

The SMC Scout 90 is great for riders who are still learning the ropes, but have the option to unleash the full power beneath them!

The fully restrictable throttle allows for learning and development and at the parent’s discretion, once your child is confident, you can “take the training wheels off” so to speak and give your child even more horsepower, it’ll feel like they’ve got a brand new quad bike!

SMC Cub 50

Great for beginners who are really just starting out on their first quad bike, the SMC Cub 50 is a great learning curve for kids and helps them develop their confidence in order to gradually move up the SMC Quad Bike ranks!

Available in many colours, the Cub 50 is an all-around fun quad bike that has plenty of features from safety features to actual performance features.

Thinking about a quad bike for your little one? Look no further than the SMC Cub 50!

Ready To Ride?

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