Quadbikes robust design makes them great for off-road terrain. However, there are many quad bikes that are road legal and can be ridden on the road. Check out our guide below for everything you need to know before riding your quad on the road!


Riding on the road – is my quad bike road legal?

There are a few criteria a quadbike must meet before it can be ridden on the road:

  • Your vehicle must have number plates on the front and rear as with all road vehicles.
  • Your vehicle must be insured for use on the road. It is important that you check you can get your quad insured before you plan to ride it on the road.
  • Your quad bike must be road registered with DVLA.
  • Your quad bike must also be taxed and have a valid MOT if it is more than 3 years old.


Can I make my off-road quad bike road legal?

Many quad bikes cannot be ridden on the roads because they do not meet road safety standards. If you already own a quad bike meant for off-road, It is possible to submit your quad bike for type approval to get it road legal if it meets the road safety standards.
However, it is far more convenient to purchase a road legal quad bike if your intent in having one is to ride it on the road.


What licence do I need?

Riding a quadbike on private land does not require a licence. However, if you wish to ride your quad bike on the road, you will need a full UK car driving licence (category B or B1). A motorcycle licence will not allow you to ride your quad bike on the road unless it has a B1 entitlement.

What insurance do I need?

Despite having similar mechanics to bikes, motorbike insurance providers won’t be able to insure your quad bike. Instead, quadbikes are considered by the law to be like cars, and so requires road-specific insurance- a minimum of third-party insurance cover. Most insurers will require you to be 21 or over to get insurance. However, this can vary between insurers.

What protective gear do I need?

It is not a legal requirement to wear protective gear while riding a quad on the road. However, it is absolutely recommended that you wear at the very least a crash helmet. Leathers and other biking equipment are also strongly advised.

Where can I ride?

Road legal quads can be ridden anywhere a car can go. This means roads that are classified as public right of way- sometimes referred to as green lanes or BOATS (Byways Open to All Traffic). You can also ride on country roads that are unclassified and white roads. Remember, quads are considered to be like a car, so you cannot ride in bike lanes.

Where you can ride on the motorway, riding a quad long distance can get uncomfortable. We recommend taking frequent breaks and keeping distances short.

Can I carry passengers?

If you have a quad built to hold passengers, then you can carry passengers on the road. However, the bike must have the correct features including a seat and footpegs.

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