Our junior Bikes are packed full of safety features and we offer a bike for little racers of all abilities.

SMC Cub From the Front

SMC Cub 50


The Cub 50 is packed full of safety features at a great value price. The 2 stroke 50cc engine is restricted in the exhaust as standard to help with learning and improve confidence when riding.

The SMC Cub 50 can also be restricted on the throttle so that parents and riders can have complete control over the speed of the bike. With safety in mind, the Cub 50 has fully enclosed footwells protecting the rider, as well as a lanyard cut-off feature – which cuts the engine avoiding any potential problems.

(The lanyard kill-switch works by being attached to both rider and bike. The cord which is attached to the rider pulls away from the switch in the event of a dismount and in turn switches the engine off.)

This junior quad bike truly is an ideal starter quad!

SMC Scout with its Family

SMC Scout 90


The SMC Scout 90 features a simple 90cc 2 stroke engine which is fully restrictable to help with learning and improving a rider’s confidence as well as a lanyard.

Once the rider becomes more confident the Scout can be released to full power. Other key safety features include fully enclosed footwells and adjustable front and rear suspension that means you can adjust the ride to suit the weight of the pilot.

The SMC Scout 90 is fitted with an electric start and kick start, and also features working headlights. The Scout 90 is the natural progression from the smaller SMC Cub 50 above.

SMC Hornet

SMC Hornet 100


The Hornet 100 is the ultimate in the junior quad bike range. The Hornet is fitted with a time-proven 2 stroke engine.

As you would expect from one of the world’s leading quad and ATV manufacturers, the Hornet has top-level design and technology.

The Hornet 100 has a fully restrictable throttle so that the speed can be reduced and is also fitted with enclosed footwells and a lanyard cut-off feature for greater safety.

Other amazing standard features include reverse gear, adjustable suspension, rear disc brake and headlights.

This junior quad has a larger frame making it perfect for large juniors, teenagers and small adults.