Benefits of Driving a Road Legal Utility Quad Bike

A road-legal utility quad bike is arguably the ultimate quad bike machine that can handle almost (if not) everything.

With features including power steering, large off-road tyres with maximum grip and with a capacity of 675cc plus, they’re a powerful machine that is the best way to get around in the countryside and other challenging terrains.

They’re becoming increasingly popular in the agricultural field as the on-road/off-road ability and the durability of the vehicle can handle the tough and harsh day-to-day life of a working farm.

In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the main benefits of driving a road-legal utility quad bike.

Designed From The Ground Up

Our range of utility quad bikes truly has been designed from the ground up. 

Taking into account an array of features including handling, durability, performance and rider exhilaration. They’re versatile and can handle anything you put in its way, making these quad bikes some of the best on the market.

Whether it’s the SMC Max 700, the SMC Max 700LE or the SMC MBX 850, all of the quad bikes have been designed to tick all the boxes and give the rider the whole, all-in-one package that challenges other quad bikes and puts SMC at the forefront of the utility quad bike market.

Strong But Agile

First appearances can be deceiving, whilst they are strong and bulky, they’re incredibly agile as you’ll be able to take sharp corners with precision and carefully approach cattle and livestock without scaring them off.

This is due to the electric engine that powers the quad bike. With a large 675cc engine and up, you’ll be driving one of the most powerful and agile quad bikes on the market.

The All-Round Quad Bike?

Taking a step back and looking at the range of road-legal utility quad bikes from SMC, we have to ask ourselves, are these some of the most all-round quad bikes available to buy today?

With sport features, powerful engines, agile ability, durability and on-road/off-road performance, these quad bikes tick all the boxes and have everything you need in a high-end quad bike.

And in that sense, it’s hard to argue that these are some of the most all-round quad bikes on the market today that deliver on everything it has to offer.

Get Your SMC Quad Bikes Online

You can buy these road-legal utility quad bikes throughout the U.K. via a large dealer network. 

Simply visit to find the nearest dealer local to you.