Christmas time is upon us once again and there’s still time to buy any last-minute presents you may have missed out on, including the big and main present for your child, partner or even your Dad!

Yes the SMC Quad Bikes are the real-deal, whether that’s for riding around a park with friends, to using one of our quads as a workhorse on a fully functioning farm.

So whether you’re just starting out, a pro or you’re unsure, take a look at this Christmas Gift Guide to find out which of our quads is best for you.

Just Starting Out

If you’re buying a quad bike for your child and it’s their first quad bike, you want to ease them in without scaring them off!

The idea for a first quad bike is to find your feet, to learn how to move with the quad bike and drive it safely and responsibly.


That’s why we would suggest either the:

SMC Cub 50

SMC Scout 90

These are two of the best quad bikes we have to offer that are great for learning on before moving up to the bigger SMC quad bikes.

Take your time, there’s no need to rush on learning how to ride these quad bikes properly and you want to feel 100% confident before moving up to the next class.

I’m An Intermediate

Maybe you’re buying a quad bike for someone a little older. Maybe they’ve mastered the smaller quad bikes and are ready to move up to the next one. Or perhaps they want to learn on a smaller quad bike before going up to the road legal range.

SMC HORNET 100 White

The SMC Hornet 100 is perfect as it’s the mid-range quad bike that’s ideal for juniors, teenagers and small adults to learn on, with a larger frame and a quad bike that can last juniors well into their teens.

So if you’re unsure on which quad bike to get someone who is at an intermediate level, we’d suggest the Hornet 100.

I’m A Pro

You’ve been riding quad bikes for years, you love riding around on them and you see all the amazing features and benefits quad bikes have to offer.

Or perhaps you’re a farmer who’s looking for a way to get from A-B when a car just won’t cut it.


We’d advise taking a look at:

SMC Max 700

SMC Max 700LE


These are fully road legal quad bikes that can take on anything in its way. Fast, agile and comfortable, they’re built to be ridden for hours.

So whether you’re a quad bike enthusiast who loves riding them, or you’re a farmer looking for a quad bike that’s functional, durable and versatile, look no further than any of these three quad bikes.

All of which offer extremely good value for money and have everything you need.

Ready To Buy Your Quad Bike?

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