Buyers Guide: The SMC MBX 850 

In this series of articles, we’re going to focus on all our quad bikes and provide you with the ultimate buyers guide, a sort of everything you need to know.

And we’ll be starting with our top of the range, SMC MBX 850 quad bike.

We’ll run through most of the features the SMC MBX 850 has to offer and why we believe it’s one of the best quad bikes out there today!


The most obvious benefit with the SMC MBX 850 is the power.

Fully equipped with a new generational V-Twin engine that produces more lb/ft than most of its competitors.

When we say the MBX 850 is a beast, we truly mean it! One this quad bike gets going, nothing will stop in its way!

Conquer Any Terrain

Rain, road, mud, dry, dirt trail nothing can stop the MBX 850 from getting where it needs to go.

Fitted with large 14” wheels with Maxxis off-road tyres, it’s perfect for leisure and professional settings such as farming and agriculture. 

Take on inclines and hills without any problems as the large off-road tyres and the powerful V-Twin engine will help get you from A-B in no time!

SMC MBX 850 Blue Lifestyle Shot

Beauty And Utility

You might think that with these features there has to be a trade-off somewhere either aesthetically or its build.

But not with the SMC MBX 850, the overall design remains modern and sleek whilst being agile and nimble enough to ride.

It’s a heavy-duty utility quad bike too fitted with features such as a tow bar and a fully operational winch which makes it ideal for numerous tasks.

Euro 4 Spec

We’ve spoken a lot about how the quad bike handles off-road, but what about on-road?

The rear differential system on this EURO4 spec machine makes cornering and handling smooth and predictable.

And because this quad bike has a lot of power, it’s reassuring to know that handling and driving this bike, makes it smooth and predictable.

SMC MBX 850 Blue Lifestyle Shot

Buy The SMC MBX 850 Online Today

Our dealer Dualways offer you the chance to find your local dealer to be able to go in and take a look at the MBX 850 up close and personal!

All you need to do is head on over to the Dualways website and enter your postcode to find your local dealer and pop in!